A group of fundamentalist Israeli settlers burnt, on Tuesday at night, three Palestinian cars in Dir Estia village, in the West Bank district of Salfit, and defaced the local mosque with “Price Tag” graffiti.The Israeli Police reported that it is investigating the attack; Police spokesperson, Micky Rosenfeld, stated that the settlers wrote “Price Tag” and Gal Arye Yosef’ at the walls of the mosque.

The “Gal Arye” graffiti refers to an illegal random settlement outpost that the army evacuated and dismantled on Tuesday.

Also on Wednesday, the settlers burnt a Palestinian car in Shu’fat neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem.

Last week, the settlers carried out an attack against a Palestinian carwash place in occupied Jerusalem.

The Police found “revenge” graffiti on the side of a truck and “Price Tag” graffiti on an electrical closet, Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported.

Price Tag is the slogan the settlers use in their attacks as they hold the Palestinians responsible for any evacuation of illegal settlements.

Settler attacks against the Palestinians escalated to include not only Israeli peace activists and leftist anti-occupation groups, but also target Israeli army camps, and police vehicles.

Haaretz stated that Israeli Police Commander, Haim Rahamim, stated in a testimony in front of the Law and Justice Committee of the Israeli Knesset, that the settlers carried out 228 attacks against the army in the West Bank last year.

Extremist settlers burnt several mosques in the occupied West Bank, occupied East Jerusalem, and a mosque in the Galilee.

The settlers also burnt and uprooted hundreds of Palestinian olive trees, and farmlands, in different parts of the West Bank.

Death threats were also issued against members of the Israeli Peace Now group as the settlers also blame its “Settlement watchdog” for the evacuation of settlement outposts.

On Sunday, a group of fundamentalist Israeli settlers attacked two Palestinian children in Tel Romeida neighborhood, in the center of the southern West Bank city of Hebron.

Also on Sunday, Israeli Army and the Police decided to remove twelve fanatic Israeli settlers from the West Bank to Israel due to their escalating attacks against the Palestinians and against the Israeli army. The “deportation” period varies between 3 and 9 months; five settlers stand accused of gathering sensitive military info.


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