The so-called “Ethics Committee” of the Israeli Knesset decided to remove member of Knesset (MK) Dr. Ahmad Tibi, from participating in Knesset sessions for one week, for strongly denouncing Mk Anastasia Michaeli of the “Israel Our Home” fundamentalist Party, and for writing a poem directly attacking her.It is worth mentioning that Anastasia started the whole issue by splashing water on MK Ghaleb Majadla of the Labor Party.

The incident took place during an argument that took place during a Knesset Committee meeting, held to discuss sanctions against an Arab school director who participated, along with his students, in a protest for human rights in Tel Aviv.

Dr. Tibi strongly denounced Anastasia and wrote a poem slamming her, an issue that was regarded by the Knesset Ethics Committee as “unethical” and they decided to prevent Dr. Tibi from participating in any Knesset session for one week.

The Committee also decided to deny Anastasia from participating in any Knesset sessions for one month for her physical violent act against Mk Majadla.

Earlier on Tuesday, Dr. Tibi was prevented from filing for a draft law to the Knesset demanding it to regard occupied Jerusalem as the capital of the Palestinian State, and the Islamic Nation.

His application came in response for an application by fundamentalist members of the Knesset who filed for a draft law demanding that the Knesset recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish People.

The Legal Advisor of the Knesset recommended scraping the draft law filed by Dr. Tibi, and claimed that this draft “harms the status of Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people.’

It is worth mentioning that Dr. Tibi demanded forbidding the usage of the term “Arab gangs” when describing Arab and Palestinian fighters who fought against the occupying Israeli troops during the Nakba of 1948, just before Israel was established in the historic land of Palestine, the Palestine News Network reported.

Dr. Tibi stated that the actions of the Knesset are dangerous indicators of hostile policies and intentions against the Arabs and the Palestinians in the country, and clearly show that Israeli statements regarding Israel’s acceptance of a Palestinian state are just manipulations meant to delude the International Community.