Israeli Hebrew-language Walla news reported, Thursday evening, that approximately 1,500 tank shells went missing, likely stolen, from a military base in southern Israel. The website stated that the large number of missing shells was uncovered last week when the army conducted an inventory for shells and munitions at the base.

The commander of the base was forced to double check his records, but it became clear that approximately 1,500 tank shells are missing.

The website quoted military officials, stating that the main theory indicates that “a gang of minorities,’ referring to non-Jews, is active in the region and “is likely behind the theft of the missing shells.’

“Gang members,’ according to the military, took advantage of the bad surveillance at the base, and managed to infiltrate under the barbed-wires and walls, and were able to steal the shells and take them out of the base without being noticed.

The shells were in solid containers, therefore, they were usually counted by counting the number of containers, without actually counting them separately to make sure none is missing.

It is worth mentioning that there have been cases in the past when weapons and magazines went missing from a number of army bases, but in a number of cases, the missing weapons and magazines were actually sold by the soldiers.