Dr. Mohammad al-Kittani, the elected head of the Egyptian People’s Council, a political leader of the Freedom and Justice Party in Egypt, declined an invitation to visit Israel to deliver a speech in front of the Israeli Knesset.Al- Kittani wrote on his Twitter account that he rejected the invitation; this comes amidst Israeli speculations regarding Israel’s relation with Egypt following the rise of Islamic parties to power.

The invitation was sent by Knesset Speaker, Reuven Rivlin, who said that he hopes that the new head of the Egyptian People’s Council will be willing to visit Tel Aviv, and that he also hopes to be able to visit Cairo soon.

Rivlin told the Israeli Radio that “Peace between Israel and Egypt is based on the best interests of both peoples.’

Rivlin also stated that Israel fears that the rise of Islamic parties to power in Egypt following the revolution “Would lead to an Islamic Winter.’

It is worth mentioning that the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt declared that there will be no dialogue with Tel Aviv.

The statement came after the Israeli Foreign Ministry said that “it is willing to help and cooperate with the newly elected Egyptian government.’

Mahmoud Ghuzlan, spokesperson of the Islamic Brotherhood in Egypt, told the Middle East newspaper last Wednesday that “the brotherhood rejects any dialogue with Israel,” and that this stance is solid.

Also on Wednesday, head of the Turkish Parliament, Jamil Chichek, declined a similar invitation sent by Rivlin more than a month ago, and sent a letter back to Rivlin telling him that he cannot visit Israel due to the tension between the two countries.

The Egyptian Freedom and Justice Party calls for clearly stating in the Egyptian constitution that Islam is the official religion in the country, Arabic is the official language, and Islamic Sharia is the main source of legislation.

It also calls for guaranteeing the rights of Egyptian Christians, their freedom of belief and worship “according to their (Christian) laws and rules, in addition to safeguarding their legitimation through Christian laws and riles in their private affairs.’ (As stated in the Freedom and Justice Party official Website).