Media spokesperson of the Fateh movement, Osama Al-Qawasmi, stated that the Fateh movement and the Palestinian leadership has a unified position regarding rejecting peace talks with Israel before Tel Aviv recognizes International Law and the two-state solution based on the 1967 borders.He added that Israel must declare a complete halt to all of its settlement activities in the occupied West Bank, including in East Jerusalem, the capital of the anticipated Palestinian State.

Al-Qawasmi further stated that the Israeli government, under Benjamin Netanyahu, is not interested in peace, and is showing its real intentions by isolating the Palestinian territories with ongoing settlement activities, and its total rejection to declare the 1967 borders as the boundaries of the Palestinian State.

“Israel is still building and expanding settlements, ongoing with its invasions and violations,’ the Fateh official stated. “Talks cannot be conducted under ongoing violations, cannot be held without set and clear aims”.

The Fateh movement said that the Palestinian leadership will continue to hold talks and consultations with the Arab countries, and will inform the Arab Initiative Committee on the latest developments during its upcoming session on February 7.

Fateh officials said that the Palestinian leadership will be running a clear vision and strategy, will continue to act on the international level, and will expand its support to nonviolent resistance activities in the West Bank.