Three people from Hebron have been detained on Monday after a group of 20 Palestinian and international activists attempted to retrieve a Palestinian house that was forcibly occupied by Israeli military and settlers in the old city of Hebron.Palestinian media sources reported that, the house is owned by the Rajab family who had moved out after being harassed by Israeli settlers few years ago. The house was then used as a military post by the Israeli military and more recently has been frequented by six settler families, who claimed legal ownership of the house.

Upon entering the house, the activists of the Youth Against Settlement group attempted to clean the house and furnish it, whilst blocking off the front entrance. A large military force showed up and broke into the house. They threw the furniture out, smashing it into the ground and violently detained three people including Issa Amro, one of the founders of the group.

Youth Against Settlements frequently organize nonviolent activities to protest the measures taken by the Israeli military in favor of the settlers in Hebron. The group had made several attempts to reopen the Shuhada street in Hebron which has been closed by the Israeli military for the past few years. The 400 settler who live in Hebron are allowed to use this street, yet 100 thousand Palestinian residents of Hebron are denied access to this street.