The Egyptian Border Authorities prevented, on Saturday evening, an Egyptian convoy of the Egyptian Engineers Union from entering the Gaza Strip to deliver construction materials to the besieged coastal region.Egyptian media sources reported that, as the convoy was driving seven kilometers away from the border, Egyptian border police stopped it and prevented it from continuing its trip under the claim that convoy organizers did not obtain all required permits.

Convoy organizer, Ahmad Hammad, denied the claims and stated that all needed permits and documents were obtained beforehand, adding that preventing the convoy from heading to Gaza was an “unjustified act”.

On his part, Engineer Canaan Sa’id, head of the Engineers Union in Gaza, demanded the Egyptian Authorities to facilitate the passage of the convoy into the Gaza Strip.

Sa’id said that 13 Egyptian Engineers were supposed to enter the Gaza Strip to deliver the construction materials, but when the Egyptian Authorities decided to prevent some of the Engineers from crossing into Gaza, the remaining Engineers protested against the move.

Convoy members, including several reporters, were trying to deliver six trucks filled with cement, bricks and wood, all made in Egypt, and meant to boost the trade between Gaza and Egypt.