The Palestine News Network (PNN) reported that Israeli soldiers and bulldozers moved into the Almkhrour area of Beit Jala near the West Bank city of Bethlehem in the early morning and started demolishing a family restaurant and an old house, both the property of the Qasieh family.Eyewitnesses reported to the Palestine News Network (PNN) that more than ten bulldozers accompanied by Israeli soldiers invaded the area and stayed there for several hours. They began the demolitions at 7am.

Witnesses also said that the Israeli soldiers set up a temporary checkpoint to prevent Palestinians from reaching the area.

Israeli soldiers are targeting the Almkhor area because of its geographical importance. It is a mountainous area to the west of Beit Jala and is the only outlet for the town after the Israeli expropriation of most of the land.

So the Israeli Army prevents landowners from building, digging wells or establishing walls in the area. A few weeks ago they demolished and destroyed fifty cables that belonged to the Electricity Company of Jerusalem in addition to an old house.