Israeli sources reported that one soldier, and one Palestinian fighter, were killed on Friday at dawn, during armed clashes, south of the Gaza border with Israel; the incident took place around 4 at dawn.Israeli daily, Haaretz, reported that Palestinian fighters managed to get into Israeli territory before soldiers of the Golani Brigade were deployed in the area, and opened fire on them.

The army also used tanks and helicopters, and fired several shells that torched farmlands east of Abasan, near Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.

According to Israeli Ynet News, residents of the Kibbutz Nirim, near Kissufim Crossing, were instructed to remain indoors after receiving info that Palestinian fighters managed to breach the border. The order remained in effect for one hour.

The army deployed its fighter-jets and its tanks along the border and fired several shells into open areas near Khan Younis. Soldiers also used smoke bombs while helicopters were landing in the area.

Last week, two Israeli soldiers of the Golani Brigade were wounded during a gun battle with Palestinian fighters near Kissufim.

Israel claims that the recent incident is part of what it called “an increase in attacks along the border”, and that these attacks include planting explosives, fire exchange with the soldiers, and firing RPG’s at nearby military bases.

Some Israeli sources said that it seems Palestinian fighters were trying to kidnap Israeli soldiers of the Golani Brigade deployed along the border with Gaza.