The Border Crossing Authority in the Gaza Strip reported that the Egyptian Authorities have not yet authorized the transfer of Fuel, donated by Qatar, into the Gaza Strip, and that the Fuel trucks will likely be allowed into the coastal region on Tuesday, via the Karem Abu Salem (Karem Shalom) Crossing.The Authority attributed the delay to “technical issues”, and added that the Palestinian and the Egyptian sides of the terminal are trying to resolve all issues in order to ensure the entry of the fuel trucks as soon as possible.

Last Tuesday, Israel gave its permission for the entry of the trucks starting on Sunday as it controls the commercial terminal.

The Energy and National Resources Authority in Gaza said that the fuel is urgently needed in Gaza, and that it is unfortunate that Egypt deliberately delayed the trucks’ entry into the coastal region, and also denounced the ongoing illegal Israeli siege on the coastal region.

In a press release the Authority stated that it conducted all needed arrangements with the Egyptian Petroleum Authority to allow the Fuel’s entry especially since the Fuel, donated by Qatar, has been in tankers in the Suez Canal since more than 45 days, awaiting an Egyptian decision to allow its transfer into Gaza despite a prior agreement in this regard.