UFree Network holds the Israeli occupation responsible for the critical health situation of Palestinian detainee Mahmoud Sarsak, who launched a hunger strike 89 days ago.On Sunday 10-6-2012, Israeli Prisons Service (IPS) transferred Sarsak to Assaf Harofeh hospital because of his deteriorating health situation. Such transfer is due the inability of both Al Ramla prison hospital and Mair civil hospital to treat Sarsak’s crucial health condition.

Sarsak’s brother, Emad, reported that his brother’s health condition is very dangerous and he was moved to Assaf Harofeh hospital. He called upon immediate response to save Mahmoud’s life and to set him free.

IPS brought all kinds of pressure on Sarsak to force him to break his hunger strike in return of a verbal promise to release him on 1/7/2012. Yet, Mahmoud adheres to his demand to receive official written document states that Israeli authorities will release him on 1/7, but this demand was not fulfilled until now.

Detainee Mahmoud Sarsak was born in 1987 in Shaborah neighborhood – Rafah in the southern side of Gaza Strip. He is single and he is a third-year Computer Programming student.

In addition to that, Mahmoud is a football player in both Palestine national team and Rafah sports club. On 22/7/2009 and despite obtaining the required permission from Israeli authorities, he was arrested on Beit Hanon crossing northern the Strip where he was going to West Bank to play with Balata Youth club.

In the same context, both Palestinian prisoners Akram Al Rekhawi and Samar Al Barq continue their open-ended hunger strike until being released, especially that Israeli court refused to send prisoners for medical treatment outside jails.

Mohammed Hamdan, UFree Network chairman, stated that ‘Israeli authorities hold full responsibility for hunger strikers’ deteriorating condition’. He also said that the network closely follows up their situation. Hamdan condemns the silence of many international organisations towards what Palestinian prisoners endure in Israeli prisoners.

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