Palestinian medical sources reported Tuesday that a Palestinian refugee was killed during clashes that took place between Syrian gunmen in Hama refugee camp, in central Syria. The slain Palestinian, a father of four, was identified as Mahmoud Qasem, 43; he was shot in the chest while heading to his shop in the camp.

It is worth mentioning that dozens of Palestinian refugees have been killed and wounded since the uprising against the regime of President, Bashar Assad, started in Syria more than a year ago.

The Hama refugee camp was repeatedly targeted by masked gunmen in an attempt to drag the Palestinians into the conflict. The refugee camp was also bombarded by militias allegedly supported by the Syrian regime.

More than a year ago, a committee that was formed in the camp stated that the Palestinians in Syria ‘are guests until they are allowed backed into their homeland’, and that ‘the refugees have nothing to do with the incidents taking place in Syria’, the Palestine Press News Agency reported.

The agency added that the committee stated that the Palestinians do not wish to be dragged into the clashes, and expressed hopes that ‘the Syrian people will manage to unite, and stop the blood bath’.