Palestinian sources reported that the number of Palestinians living in East Jerusalem comparing to the number of Jewish-Israelis living in settlements in and around the occupied city is 10 to 7.In its annual report, the Palestinian Census Bureau reported that the number of Israeli settlers in occupied East Jerusalem is 262,000, living in 26 Jewish-only settlements, including 16 settlements in J1 area (196,000 settlers), and 10 settlements in J2 area (66,000 settlers).

This is happening due to the sharp increase in Israel’s illegal policies of settlement construction and expansion in and around occupied East Jerusalem, and its ongoing violations against the residents, including home demolitions, and stripping residency rights of a large number of Jerusalemite Palestinians.

The report indicated that, by mid-2012, the Palestinian population in Jerusalem district was approximately 397,000, including 246,000 in J1 area, 151,000 in J2, and adding that the Palestinians in Jerusalem district represent 9.2% of the 4.3 million Palestinians living in the occupied territories.

In 2011, the unemployment rate among the Palestinians ages 15 and above, in occupied East Jerusalem, stood at 13. 2%, with the highest unemployment rate was among residents 15-19 years old.

By mid-2011, 1,128 Palestinians lived in 1 square miles in Jerusalem, comparing to 693 Palestinians living in 1 square mile in the Palestinian territories (456 Palestinian / square mile in the West Bank, 4,353 Palestinians / 1 square mile in the Gaza Strip).

As for agricultural lands during the season of 2009 – 2010, only 12,976 Dunams (9% of the entire district) are used for agricultural purposes due to different Israeli restrictions, and its illegal settlement activities.

On Monday, Israel demolished temporary homes, structures and stables built on 700 square meters in Jabal al-Mokabber town, south of occupied East Jerusalem.

The Census Bureau reported that Israel still intends to demolish more structures, including a home where 30 family members live. The family received an official notice regarding the intended destruction of their home.

The Bureau added that the latest orders are connected to a decision made by the Jerusalem City Council to build a Torah museum in the heart of Silwan Arab town, south of the al-Aqsa mosque, in occupied East Jerusalem.

Israel previously issued orders for the destruction of 29 homes in al-Bustan neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem; the homes are among the 88 homes that Israel wants to demolish so that Israel can build the Museum and its related facilities.

Palestinian sources reported that there are approximately 20,000 orders targeting Palestinian homes and property in occupied East Jerusalem under the pretext that they were built with construction permits.

Israel rarely approves construction permits for the Palestinians in occupied East Jerusalem, while at the same time it is ongoing with its construction and expansion of thousands of units for Jewish settlers in East Jerusalem and around it.