An Israeli military court ordered the imprisonment of Amro Naffa’, 18, the son of Arab Member of Knesset, Sa’id Naffa’, for two more weeks for refusing military service in the Israeli army; the decision was made a few days after Naffa’ was released following two-week imprisonment for refusing to go for compulsory military service.Naffa’ refused medical checkups that the army intended to perform before sending him to the compulsory military service; he said that he refuses to be part of an army that occupies and oppresses the Palestinian people.

Naffa’ is from Beit Jan in the occupied Galilee; his four brothers were previously detained and imprisoned for refusing enlistment in the Israeli military.

The Arab Druze Follow-Up Committee issued a press release saluting “the humanitarian and patriotic stance of Naffa’ for choosing imprisonment over being part of an army of occupation”.

There are hundreds of Arabs, Druze and Jewish-Israelis who have been imprisoned for rejecting the compulsory military services, citing their right to refuse to serve in an army that occupies another nation, steals it lands and oppresses it people.