Cross-border fire continued on Wednesday with Israeli media outlets reporting that approximately a dozen projectiles were fired from the Gaza Strip. The State of Israel reported that a resistance fighter was killed in Rafah.Most of the projectiles fell in the Negev Desert, but two did fall inside town limits, Haaretz reports. No casualties or injuries were reported, although light damage was sustained to an industrial building.

Following the attack from the Gaza Strip, Israeli Air Force planes shelled a motorcycle in Rafah killing its driver. Israel told Reuters that the motorcyclist was involved in Monday’s clash between fighters and the Israeli military in the border.

This clash led to the death of two fighters. The newly-formed Shura Council of Mujahideen in the Holy Land claimed responsibility for the attacks.

Reuters reports this group as a ‘fringe Islamist Salafi network’ and the Israeli spokesperson’s office claims to have received video footage from the group.

In related news, Egyptian Ambassasor to the Palestinian Authority, Yasser Othman, is working on restoring calm to the border region, the Ma’an News Agency reports.

Cross-border fire has continued since Monday following months of relative calm. Following an attack on Monday, Israeli Air Force planes have repeatedly shelled the Gaza Strip, leading to six deaths and scores of injuries including both militants and civilians.

The armed wings of numerous Palestinian political groups, including Hamas, Palestinian Islamic Jihad and the Peoples Front for the Liberation of Palestine, have responded by firing projectiles into Israel leading to injuries to four soldiers.