The Ad-Dameer Prisoner Support and Human Rights Association reported that detainee Samer Al-Barq, who started his hunger strike 34 days ago, is currently in a critical health condition, suffering from arrhythmia, ongoing fatigue and other serious health issues.The Association reported that its lawyer visited Al-Barq at the Ar-Ramla Prison Clinic, and stated that he insists on continuing his hunger strike as the prison administration backed down on an its agreement that ended a long hunger strike conducting by the detainees by renewing his Administrative Detention for three more months.

The administration at the Ar-Ramla Prison placed Al-Barq into solitary confinement after he refused to receive medication. The detainee said that he will escalate his strike and stop drinking water until he is released as stated in the agreement signed with the detainees.

Al-Barq, 39, from Jayyous near the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia, previously ended a hunger strike after the Legal Counselor informed him that the agreement reach with the detainees includes him, and that he will be released, but instead he received additional three months imprisonment without charges or trial.

Earlier this month, Israel released Palestinian detainee Thaer Halahla, 32, ending his illegal Administrative Detention, without charges or trial, which started when he was kidnapped by the army on June 26, 2010.

Halahla conducted a 79-day hunger strike that was only ended when the Prison Administration agreed to end his illegal solitary confinement.