The Ministry of Interior and National Security of the Hamas-led government in Gaza published a video of what it called “serious confessions of dangerous collaborators” who helped Israel assassinate several fighters and political leaders including senior Hamas leader, Dr. Abdul-Aziz Rantissi, who was assassinated on April 17, 2004.The Ministry said that some of the collaborators have worked as informants for Israel since the 1960’s and 1980’s.

The collaborator, labeled as the most dangerous collaborator in Gaza, is believed to be part of most of assassinations carried out by the Israeli military against senior Hamas leaders, including Rantissi, Ismail Abu Shanab, and Minister of Interior Sa’id Siyam.

Rantissi became the leader of Hamas after Israeli assassinated the wheelchair-bound spiritual leader of Hamas, Sheikh Ahmad Yassin, on March 22nd 2004.

Several collaborators confessed on video tape of how they became informants for Israel and the methods used to recruit them, including blackmail and through Israeli female officers that used to contact them.

The video also includes names of Israeli security officers responsible for running collaborators networks in different parts of the Gaza Strip.

The Ministry of Interior claimed that some of the collaborators confessed that “security coordination between Israel and the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, led to an increase in the number of collaborators, including a Palestinian Lieutenant”, according to the report.

The ministry added that Israeli security officers would ask the collaborators to provide them with detailed information about leaders of armed resistance groups, the locations were homemade shells are fired, resistance training camps and monitoring area, the siege-busting tunnels, license plates numbers and information about vehicles driven by resistance fighters, and information about weapons transport and distribution in the Gaza Strip.

Several collaborators were also responsible for spreading rumors meant at causing fear among the civilian population.

Some of the collaborators are allegedly members of resistance groups in Gaza who were recruited to provide Israel with sensitive information about the resistance.

The Ministry said that it now has significant information about the collaborators in Gaza, and even about the private lives of senior Israeli security officers who gave the orders to those collaborators.

It added that the uncovering of this network of collaborators led to the apprehension of collaborators who were responsible for numerous assassinations, and said that this development is a “sharp blow to Israel’s attempts to infiltrate Gaza”.