The Energy and Natural resources authority In the Gaza Strip, said on Thursday that it had managed to run the Gaza power plant in full capacity for the first time in six years.Ahmad Abu Omrein, director of the information center at the energy authority, said the Gaza power plant can provide the residents with electricity along the hour, as long as enough fuel is available.

He added that the plant will provide 100 Mega Watt during the night and 60 Mega Watt during the day due to lack of fuel supplies. The Gaza Strip need 600 thousand litters of fuel every day to run with full capacity.

The power plant was running only with 25% of its capacity due to lack of fuel and the damage Israel caused when bombarded the power plant in 2006. It took around six years to rehabilitate the plant due to the closure. The rehabilitation of the plan was made possible by funds from Islamic Bank, and fuel provided from Qatar through Egypt.