Ahmad Sa’adat, General Sectetary of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP) and member of the Palestinian Legislative Council calls for an end to divisions within Palestinian society and urges resistance to the Israeli occupation.Yousef Abu Ghoulmeh, a recently released Palestinian political prisoner shared a prison cell with Sa’adat for nearly three months at the end of the prisoners’ hunger strike and Sa’adat’s subsequent release from solitary confinement.

According to the Palestine News Network, Abu Ghoulmeh spoke to the Voice of the People radio station on Saturday about Sa’adat’s political views.

Abu Ghoulmeh said that Sa’adat stated that the most pressing concern for Palestinians must be an end to divisions within Palestinian society if the Israeli occupation is to end. All civil, political and social movements must mobilize and demand unity and reconciliation. He added that Fateh and Hamas bear a large portion of the responsibility for accomplishing this goal.

Only when Palestinians are united, will the crimes of the occupation be exposed, according to Sa’adat. He added that negotiations with Israel were futile and massive street protests would be necessary to draw attention to the reality of occupation.

As evidence of the futility of negotiations, he noted that the Israelis have failed to fully implement agreements made with prisoners following hunger strikes earlier this year. Despite the release of a number of prisoners, the practice of administrative detention continues. Conditions for prisoners have not improved, and many families have still not been able to visit their relatives in prison on the pretext of security.