Despite the hot weather and fasting for the holy month of Ramadan, hundreds of people came out for the weekly non-violent demonstrations against the Wall in five different villages on Friday. Anti-wall protests were organized in the village of Kufer Kadum, in the northern West Bank in addition to Bil’in, Nil’in and Nabi Saleh in the central West Bank. The southern West Bank village of al-Ma’sara also organized a protest against the wall this week as well.Two civilians were injured on Friday in Kufer Kadum when Israeli troops fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at the villagers and their international supporters.

Soldiers stopped the Kufer Kadum protesters at the entrance of the village then fired tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets at them. One young man was critically injured after being struck by a tear gas bomb to the head and another man was injured in his leg by rubber-coated steel bullet. Many others were treated for tear gas inhalation.

In the central West Bank, troops also used tear gas and rubber-coated steel bullets against Bil’in, Nil’in and Nabi Saleh and their international and Israeli supporters. Many were treated for the effects of tear gas inhalation at all three locations.

In Bil’in village, the weekly march organized by the Popular Committee against the Wall and settlements in Bil’in began from the center of the village towards the area adjacent to the apartheid wall. The march included participation of residents from Bil’in, Israeli and foreigner peace activists. Participants raised Palestinian flags and they chanted slogans calling for the demolition of the apartheid wall , liberation of Palestinian political prisoners and an end to the occupation.

Upon the arrival of participants to Abo Laimon area, the Israeli soldiers situated behind the concrete wall started shooting tear gas, rubber bullets, and skunk water, a mixture of chemicals, towards demonstrators which led to dozens of cases of asphyxiation, all of which were treated in the field.

Elsewhere on Friday, in southern West Bank, al-Ma’sara villagers also held their weekly anti wall protest. Israeli forces station there forced people back into the village using rifle-buts and batons. No injuries were reported.