The Israeli Police said that the two explosions were heard on Wednesday evening in Eilat coastal city, south of the country; the Israeli army starting a search campaign in the area to examine whether the explosions were a result of a Grad missile attack.Israeli Ynet News reported that scores of readers sent what it called “Red Emails” reporting loud explosions, and that the Police in Eilat also received several phone calls about two loud explosions in the city.

It appears that even that exact location of these reported explosions is yet to be found; no damages or injuries were reported either.

Approximately two months ago, Israel claimed uncovering fragments of Grad missiles in an area dozens of kilometers north of Eilat. The alleged missiles were reportedly fired from Sinai; initial Israeli reports said that the Grad missiles were fired from Jordan but the army dismissed the reports.

According to the Ynet News, several rockets were fired from Sinai towards Eilat last year, and that in April this year, residents of Eilat found a rocket close to a residential building.

Furthermore, nearly two years ago, Israel reported that several rockets were fired towards Eilat but landed in the sea, while one rocket landed in the coastal Jordanian city of Aqaba. In one of the attacks five Katyusha missiles were fired into Eilat and Aqaba leading to the death of a Jordanian Taxi driver and several other injuries; no casualties were reported in Eilat.

Nearly a year ago, five Israeli civilians and three soldiers were killed in a shooting attack that targeted a bus and a truck close to the border in Eilat.

Israel rushed to accuse Palestinian resistance groups in Gaza of being behind the attack; an Israeli military investigation revealing that the attack was carried out by Egyptians, not Palestinians, has been ‘embargoed’ by the military.

The Israeli army then carried out a three-day military offensive against the Gaza Strip killing 17 Palestinians, including two children a physician and several farmers, in addition to wounding more than 20 Palestinians, including 6 children and two women.