The Israeli Prosecution at the Central Court in Jerusalem filed, Tuesday, indictments against eight extremist Israeli settlers who violently attacked a Palestinian in Jerusalem, on August 16, leading to serious injuries.Another indictment was filed in the District Court in Jerusalem. The Palestinian young man, Jamal Joulani, 17, was attacked a large group of young Israeli extremists.

The indictment described how the settlers ambushed Joulani and kept attacking, beating and kicking him until he fell unconscious. The man was moved to a hospital unconscious, and in a serious condition.

The assailants are also facing incitement to commit a racist act, incitement to violence, and aggravated assault. One of the assailants, a female extremist, is facing charges of planning to commit a violent act.

The assailants are believed to have planned to attack several Arabs, and on the evening of the attack, around 60 Israeli teenagers in Jerusalem were informed by the female settler that “Arabs are in the area”, and that “They [The Arabs] are not allowed to be there”.

They then made a decision to attack Arab youths in the area, and one of them said that “any person who hit an Arab is a man”. The female settler then went to some Arab youths, and started cursing the Arabs, and the Muslim Prophet, before her friends chased them away.

Around 11 at night, a group of 30 Israeli extremists started chanting racist slogans against the Arabs, and were later joined by more fundamentalists. The extremists then noticed Al-Joulani walking in the area along with three other residents, but they managed to escape.

Shortly afterwards, the settlers noticed Al-Joulani and three of his friends walking in the area, and chase them before managing to catch up to Al-Joulani. They then started beating; punching and kicking him until his heart stopped and he fell unconscious. The settlers then fled the scene apparently after believing that Al-Joulani is dead.