Israeli sources reported that despite the fact the some settlers of the Migron illegal outpost in the occupied West Bank have voluntarily left the outpost, dozens of teenage settlers clashes with officers of the Israeli “Border Guard’ Units.Israeli Ynet News reported that the eviction of the Migron outpost was completed Sunday, and that the settlers of the outpost pledged to nonviolently resist their eviction, but several young settlers from nearby illegal outposts arrived in Migron and clashed with the soldiers.

Ynet added that several settlers even climbed the rooftop of one of the homes, and refused to come down; the army then tried to talk them into coming down, but several hours later, the soldiers stormed the house and removed the settlers by force.

Dozens of Israeli soldiers were also deployed on roads that lead to the illegal outpost in an attempt to prevent extremist settlers from arriving into the area to cause trouble and to resist the eviction of the illegal settlement, built on privately-owned Palestinian lands.

The settlers issued a statement saying that “Migron settlers feel betrayed by the government of Benjamin Netanyahu”.

The court mandated eviction date of the illegal settlement is Tuesday, September 4, but several settler families have voluntarily left their homes Sunday. The eviction was repeatedly delayed, and the Israeli government recently asked the court to delay it for three more years, but the court refused.

Originally, the court ordered the eviction of the settlers by March 31 2012, but the army did not comply with the ruling, and the government tried to reach an agreement with the settlers despite the fact that their outpost is illegal under Israeli law.

The court ordered the eviction of Migron as it was built on privately-owned Palestinian lands, north of occupied East Jerusalem.