Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, will be arriving in Cairo on Wednesday evening for a two-day visit that will include a meeting with the newly elected Egyptian President, Mohammad Morsi, and Arab Foreign Ministers.The talks will focus on the latest developments in the occupied Palestinian territories, and the ongoing investigation into the potential assassination of the late President, Yasser Arafat, the Palestine Press News Agency reported.

Palestinian Ambassador In Cairo, Palestine’s Permanent representative at the Arab League, Dr. Barakat al-Farra, told Palestine Press that Abbas meet with Morsi on Thursday, and that the talks will discuss the situation in the Arab world and bilateral relations between Palestine and Egypt.

Al-Farra noted the significance of Abbas’ meeting with Morsi and the Arab Foreign Ministers in Cairo as it comes just before the scheduled sessions of the United Nations General Assembly. President Abbas will be addressing the Assembly demanding international recognition of the legitimate Palestinian right to independence and sovereignty by establishing an independent state in the 1967 territory, with East Jerusalem as its capital.