Sources close to Palestinian Prime Minister, Dr. Salaam Fayyad, stated Thursday that he intends to submit his resignation to Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, once the latter returns to the country, and that Fayyad’s decision “is final”.The sources told the Quds Net News Agency that Fayyad will be submitting an official written resignation to Abbas in a meeting that will be held between the two once Abbas returns to the West Bank. Fayyad phoned Abbas and informed him of his decision.

The sources further claimed that Fayyad’s resignation “had nothing to do with the current economic crisis the P.A. is facing”, and stated that Fayyad intended to submit his resignation before that, but delayed it until concluding the economic development plan that his government initiated to build and boost governmental institutions.

The sources said that the current sharp financial crisis the P.A is facing is mainly caused by the fact that Arab countries that vowed to financially support the P.A did not transfer the promised funds, and the current situation, the sharp rise in prices and living costs, has nothing to do with Fayyad himself, or the way he manages the P.A.