The Palestinian Prisoners Society (PPS) demanded Israel to release Kamal Salah Al-Husseini who, on September 9, was taken prisoner by Israeli soldiers during clashes that took place in occupied East Jerusalem; he was shot and wounded by the army prior to his arrest.The PPS said that Al-Hussein was shot by a live round in his right thigh, and that the bullet also fractured his pelvis.

It added that Al-Husseini is currently being held at an Israeli hospital, shackled and tied to his bed despite his bad health condition and the extensive presence of the Israeli army.

Medical sources said that the detainee will likely remain hospitalized for more than two months due to several health complications.

The PPS demanded Israel to ensure the release of the wounded detainee, and to send him back home in Hebron, in the southern part of the West Bank, so that he can receive the urgently needed medical help at a local hospital.

Al-Husseini, 23, is from Ath-Thaheriyya town, in the Hebron district. He was shot while heading to work in occupied Jerusalem. He never faced charges and Israel is refusing to release him.

He recently told a PPS lawyer that, as he was walking near Ath-Thaheriyya junction, he ran into clashes that were taking place between local residents and Israeli soldiers, ans was shot by one of the soldiers despite the fact that he was just passing through.

The wounded detainee was also interrogated for several hours, and told the interrogators that he was just walking in the area trying to go to work.

The PPS said that Al-Husseini is being held at the Israeli hospital under very bad conditions, as he is not getting the needed medical care and surgery, and added that the soldiers did not even want him to take a shower or change his clothes until he was allowed to do so a few days ago.