Israeli media sources reported that the new Egyptian government, headed by elected Islamist leader, Mohammad Morsi, intends to hold deliberations on modifying the Egyptian-Israeli peace agreement, especially regarding security attainments in Sinai, the Palestine News Network (PNN) reported.Egypt is mainly concerned about Article 4 of the Camp David peace agreement that focuses on security arrangement along the border, and limits the deployment of Egyptian armed forces in the area.

A senior Egyptian official close to President Morsi stated that Egypt is facing a fierce battle with armed elements in Sinai, and has the right to defend itself using all available means, and that the country needed to intensify its military deployment in the Sinai area.

The source added that the coming period will witness several meetings and deliberations between different Egyptian political factions in order to discuss modifying the peace agreement.

It is worth mentioning that several Israeli military and political leaders expressed concerns regarding the deployment of heavy military equipment in Sinai as part of the war against extremist armed groups, but also said that they understand Egypt’s security needs.

A number of Israeli security and political officials said that these military operations would eventually lead to stability in the area, and would serve the security interest of both Cairo and Tel Aviv.