United Nations Secretary-General, Bank ki-moon, stated that the two-state solution between Israel and the Palestinians is having less chances of survival, and warned that Israel’s ongoing actions of construction and expansion of Jewish-only settlements in the occupied territories are hindering the prospects of peace in the region.Speaking at the General Assembly, the UN Chief said that Israel’s expansion of settlements is hindering the prospects of achieving peace in the Middle East, and added that “the door to achieving peace might be closing, for good”.

He further stated that Israel’s ongoing expansion of settlements in the occupied Palestinian territory poses a serious risk to the international efforts aimed at achieving a lasting peace agreement in the region, and added “we must act on breaking this impasse”.

Ban further spoke of the current crisis with Iran, and stated that he rejects “any threat of military action by any country against the other”.

He was referring to recent comments made by American, Israeli and Iranian officials; Israel is urging the United States to take military action against Tehran, and even hinted it would conduct a military action “should the International community fail to act”, according to Tel Aviv officials.

The UN official refrained from accusing one country of causing tension in the region, but only said that he “rejects the language of delegitimization and threats of military actions by any country against another”.