The Israeli Navy revealed that it deployed several Saar 4 war ships, equipped with cameras, radars and advanced surveillance equipment, in large areas of the Mediterranean, to monitor and stop ships that sail to what it called “Israeli territorial waters”, the Quds Net News Agency reported.The ships complement surveillance missions conducted by the Shoval Israeli drones; the navy started flying those drones after the Lebanon-based Hezbollah party recently managed to send a surveillance drone that flew over southern Israel before, and managed to take pictures of sensitive areas, before the Israeli Air Force noticed it and shot it down.

Israel believes that Hezbollah will be sending more drones to spy on Israel, especially on the Demona nuclear facility in the Negev. It also believes that Hezbollah might even try to send drones that are armed and capable of firing missiles into certain facilities in the country.

Israel’s Navy concluded its training on the new Saar ship, while part of the drill was a simulation on how to intercept the Estelle solidarity ship that is approaching Gaza. Israel said it will not allow the ship to reach the Gaza shore, and will stop and board it.

The training was conducted by the Shalit 14 division, it included training and simulation on how to intercept and board the ship dozens of kilometers away from the shore, including simulation on towing the ship to the Ashdod Port.
The ship carries medical and humanitarian aid to the residents of the besieged and impoverished Gaza Strip.

The army said it will interrogate all activists on-board the ship before “taking legal measures against them”.

In a recent tweet, the activists said that they have a peaceful mission to transfer urgently needed medical and humanitarian supplies to the coastal region, and that Israel has no right to stop and attack them, as they are heading to Gaza and not to Israel.