‘The Levy Report simply reflects the position of a government that has chosen to turn occupation into annexation and to impose an Apartheid reality in Palestine rather than taking steps to make peace possible’ said Dr. Saeb Erekat, Chief Palestinian negotiator on Israeli Government’s Levi Report.He continued: ‘Statements are not enough. The international community has allowed Israel to breach international law with impunity by issuing statements that are not followed up with real political pressure.

Recognizing the State of Palestine and supporting its admission to the United Nations is the response that the international community should give to Israel’

Dr. Erekat also referred to reports on pressure by certain governments to delay the UN vote: ‘some are calling upon us to think ‘creatively.’ But we prefer to give them an old formula that never fails: Act according to international law. Recognizing Palestine is a long overdue step that has been debated for 65 years in the United Nations. Only Israel’s impunity granted by a lack of international accountability and political will has allowed the Israeli government to adopt extremist policies against the internationally recognized formula of two-states separated by the 1967 border.’

Dr. Erekat concluded: ‘What we see on the ground and what we see in the discussions of the Israeli government is clear: They don’t want to end the occupation, rather they are imposing Apartheid. This requires immediate international action, starting with the admission of the State of Palestine to the United Nations on the 1967 border.’