The Hams-led government in the Gaza Strip are preparing for the historic visit of the Prince of Qatar, Hamad Bin Khalifa, and his wife Mouza, who will be arriving in Gaza Tuesday in a move to break the illegal Israeli siege, and launch the Gaza reconstruction plan.Hamas said that it views this visit as historic and very important as it comes to support the Palestinian people in the coastal region, who are living under an illegal Israeli siege for seven years, adding that the reason Israel imposed this siege is because the Palestinians elected a leadership that is determined to protect Palestinian rights and holy sites.

The movement added that this visit also holds political and humanitarian significance, and shows a real and a daring stance supporting the Palestinian struggle and opposing the illegal Israeli siege.

Hamas thanked Turkey, Qatar and all Arab and Islamic states that helped ease the suffering of the Palestinian people in the Gaza Strip caused by Israel’s ongoing assaults and its siege.

It called on all Arab states to start the implementation of the decision of the Arab League aiming at breaking the Israeli siege, and to start the reconstruction of all buildings and facilities destroyed by the Israeli army during Israel’s repeated wars and assaults targeting the coastal region.

It is worth mentioning that on Monday evening, 15 senior Qatari officials arrived in the Gaza Strip via the Rafah Border Terminal between Gaza and Egypt, to conduct the final arrangements of this historic visit.