Israeli officials reported that the Israeli Immigration Authority deported nine solidarity activists who were on the Estelle solidarity ship, that was boarded by the Israeli Navy in international waters on Sunday Oct. 21 2012.The Palestine News Network (PNN) reported that Sabine Haddad, spokeswoman of the Israeli Immigration Authority, told France Press Sunday that nine activists (5 from Greece, 3 from Span, and one Italian) voluntarily forfeited their right to appeal a judge’s decision for their deportation.

The Israeli Navy boarded the ship on Saturday, abducted 27 international peace activists, and three Israeli activists, who were aboard the Estelle ship that was sailing under a Finnish flag.

Haddad said that 18 activists are still detained in an Israeli facility in Ramla, and are awaiting a judge’s order regarding their deportation. Haddad added that such a decision could be made by Wednesday.

30 activists carrying humanitarian supplies were on board the ship, including Parliamentarians from Norway, Sweden, Spain and Greece, in addition to Israeli peace activists.

They intended to deliver humanitarian supplies to the besieged and impoverished coastal region; the supplies include 42 tons of cement, medical supplies, books and toys.