The Israeli Internal Security Services, Shin Bet, claimed that it managed to arrest a Palestinian from the Gaza Strip who allegedly participated in transferring large sums of cash for the Hamas movement and its armed wing, the al-Qassam Brigades, in the Gaza Strip.The Shin Bet stated Thursday that on September 6, the army kidnapped Maher Atiyya Abu Jibba, 41, who works in the import of iron into Gaza, while he was trying to cross into Israel through the Erez terminal; he carried a valid permit issued by Israel.

The Shin Bet added that, upon searching him, the soldiers found NIS 114,000 (Approximately $ 29,000) on him.

The Israeli Police claim that Abu Jibba admitted during interrogation that he transferred large sums of cash to the Hamas leadership in the coastal region, and that other sums were deposited by Hamas leaders abroad into his bank account. Addition claims have been made that he provided the al-Qassam Brigades with large quantities of iron used in the construction of tunnels, military facilities and equipment.

Israel also said that it confiscated nearly 3,000 tons of iron that Abu Jibba tried to import to Gaza; the iron was confiscated upon arrival at Ashdod Port.

The Israeli Police said that an indictment was filed by the Military Prosecutor’s Office against the Palestinian merchant and that he is facing charges that include “financing terrorism”, in addition to “aiding and abetting illegal entities”.

The prosecution also intends to ask the court to confiscate all of the property of Abu Jibba inside the Green Line (Israel).