Israeli soldiers kidnapped, on Thursday evening, Dalaal Zamel, the mother of detainee Mahran Abu Khamis, at a flying checkpoint installed west of the northern West Bank city of Nablus. Soldiers also kidnapped wife of former detainee Tha’er Halahla, after crossing into the West Bank following a visit to her parents in Jordan.The Quds Net News Agency reported that the army installed a military roadblock near the illegal Shave Shomron settlement, west of Nablus, and stopped a car transporting Dalaal and her husband who were heading back to their home in al-Ein refugee camp, Nablus.

The agency said that the soldiers cuffed Dalaal, 43, after informing her husband that there is an outstanding warrant for her arrest, and placed her in a military vehicle before driving to an unknown destination.

It is worth noting that Dalaal’s son, Mahran, is imprisoned by Israel, serving a 12-year term.

In related news, the army kidnapped the wife of former political prisoner, Tha’er Halahla, who was released by Israel in June after conducting a 79-day hunger strike.

Shereen Halahla was kidnapped at the so-called container checkpoint between Ramallah and Bethlehem after crossing back into the West Bank following a visit to her parents in Jordan.

Halahla is pregnant, and was kidnapped despite the fact that her child, Lamar 3 years old, was with her.