The Maan Mix Satellite TV station broadcast a video documenting several Israeli soldiers breaking into a Palestinian residential building in occupied East Jerusalem, terrifying the family and forcing them to leave their home under the claim that they own it.The building, located in the At-Tour neighborhood, in occupied East Jerusalem, belongs to the family of resident Mohammad Abu Al-Hawa.

The Maan Mix team was in the area when the attack took place, and managed to document parts of the attack.

The settlers removed the iron bars from the window of Fatima Abu Al-Hawa, who fainted due to fear of the attacking settlers, after they violently jumped into her room through the window carrying their weapons, and shouting at her to leave the home.

The settlers claimed that the El-Ad settler organization purchased the home from “its Palestinian owner” who allegedly purchased it from the Abu Al-Hawa family.

The settlers carried a court order granting them ownership, but did not even wait for the police to evict the family, and decided to attack it and throw the seven family members out.

Mahmoud Abu Al-Hawa told Maan Mix that his family has been fighting a legal battle in Israeli courts to prove ownership since 2006, and that he spent more than $60.000 in legal costs since then; the money he used for legal fees was his retirement compensation. He said that the settlers eventually bribed the lawyer.

It is worth mentioning that the settlers control two apartments in the building that has a strategic location as it has a direct view of the Al-Aqsa Mosque and the Old City of Jerusalem, while the army raises a large Israeli flag on its rooftop.

The settlers claim that they purchased the home from a Palestinian resident who bought it from Abu Al-Hawa family.