Egyptian security sources reported that the army and the police, operating against criminal armed groups in Sinai, will start in the coming days, a large operation that is meant at resuming the demolition of border tunnels with Gaza.Egypt halted its operations approximately 30 days ago, and is now preparing to continue the demolition after it pinpointed 50 tunnels considered to be “the most dangerous” among 2500 tunnels in the area.

The Kuwaiti “Al-Rai Paper” reported that the Egyptian security forces managed to pinpoint the tunnels that are “specifically used for smuggling weapons and Jihadist fighters between Gaza and Sinai”.

It added that those tunnels are different than tunnels used for smuggling food supplies and goods, as they have bigger ventilation systems and are used as hideouts for Jihadist fighters who sometimes hide there for weeks at a time due to Egyptian operations against them.

The paper also said that the Egyptian forces, operating in Sinai, are preparing to attack several caves located in mountains in the center of Sinai, as intelligence information revealed that extremist gunmen, including those who attacked Egyptian security offices two days ago, are hiding there.

The army will also be using the help of special forces and heavy artillery to surround the gunmen and prevent any communication with them.

The Egyptian army started operating against extremist groups in Sinai attacked an Egyptian military base, and killed 16 Egyptian Border Guards and wounded several others.