Egyptian English Daily, Ahram Online, reported that the Egyptian President, Mohammad Morsi, recalled the newly appointed ambassador to Tel Aviv, Atef Mohammad Salem, due to Israel’s military escalation in the Gaza Strip.Yasser Ali, spokesperson of the Egyptian President, stated during a televised announcement broadcast on Egyptian State TV that Morsi decided to recall the Ambassador, in addition to summoning the Israeli Ambassador in Cairo to inform him of Egypt’s rejection to the ongoing Israeli military escalation, and assaults against Gaza.

Ali further stated that Morsi also ordered the Egyptian representative at the United Nations to call for an urgent session at the Security Council, in addition to calling for an urgent meeting for Arab Foreign Ministers to discuss the latest escalation.

Israeli soldiers killed, earlier on Wednesday, seven Palestinians in an Israeli Air Strike targeting Gaza, one of the killed Palestinians is Ahmad al-Ja’bari, a military leader of the al-Qassam Brigades, the armed wing of Hamas.

Medical sources in Gaza reported that Israeli drones carried out several attacks against Gaza, Wednesday, killing seven Palestinians, including an 11-month-old infant, and a 7-year-old child; at least 60 Palestinians were wounded, some seriously.

The deaths of the seven today brings the number of Palestinians killed by the Israeli army since Saturday to 17; dozens of residents, including children, were injured by Israeli fire and shells in the coastal region.