The International Hackers known as Anonymous issued a video on Saturday announcing that the group will shot down 10,000 Israeli websites due to the continued Israeli abuse of human rights.“Greetings Citizens of the world, this is Anonymous. It has come to our attention that the Israeli government has ignored repeated warnings about the abuse of human rights, shutting down the internet in Israel and mistreating its own citizens and those of its neighboring countries. November 2012 will be a month to remember for the Israeli defense forces and internet security forces.” Anonymous announced.’

The message came from Anonymous Op Israel, Danger Hackers, Anonymous Special Operations and the Anonymous Collective of the entire planet according to the video released on YouTube.
The group considered

According to Anonymous a cyber war has been declared by the group on Israel cyber space and that Israel “will see exactly what we are capable of. Israel, the angel of death has been called to your cyberspace.”

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