Palestinian medical sources reported that three Palestinians have been injured, on Sunday evening, after Israeli soldiers, stationed across the border, opened fire at them in Al-Faraheen area, east of Khan Younis, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip.The sources added that the army opened fire at several Palestinian farmers working in their land an issue that led to three injuries, and forced the farmers to leave their lands.

Israeli soldiers killed, two days ago, one Palestinian and wounded more than 19 others near the border in Khan Younis.

Furthermore, medical sources reported Friday that two Palestinians died of serious injuries suffered during the latest Israeli war on Gaza that led to the death of more than 167 Palestinians, most of them children, women, youth and elderly, including several members of the same family. More than 1,225 residents have been injured, dozens seriously.

The latest attacks are direct violations of the truce that was mediated by Egypt between Israel and the Palestinian resistance in Gaza.

The truce deal also included opening border terminal and increasing the fishing area allotted to the Palestinians in Gaza to 6 nautical miles instead of three.

This is happening despite the fact, under the Oslo accords, the Palestinians should be allowed to fish in 20 nautical miles but in 2008, Israeli unilaterally reduced the fishing area to 3 nautical miles.