Yesterday, the Jerusalem Municipality postponed a session to discuss the change of names and streets in the neighborhoods of Silwan and Swaneh, in accordance with the request of the settlers who live in the Municipality of Jerusalem.The Information Center in Wadi Helwe learnt that the Occupation Municipality postponed the session which was scheduled today at 16:30 to discuss the names of the streets in the neighborhoods of Silwan and Swaneh that the settlers have proposed but without setting up a new date for the session.

The Information Center also reported that “the postponement of the hearing was due to public pressure in the Silwan neighborhood from those who objected the change of the names of their streets with Talmudic names. Also they intend to set up several events in front of the building of the Municipality in addition to present a map with the names of the Neighborhoods of Silwan and of its alleys and streets”.

The Commission of Wadi Helwe in cooperation with the rest of the popular committees in the Municipality of Silwan made sure that “they will follow the settlement project aimed at the Judaization of the Arab neighborhoods and they will not permit the change of the historical Arab names of the area”.

As planned, 26 names were proposed in the location of Silwan, including the name of the district, streets, alleys and lanes. Also, the name of Wadi Helwe will be changed into “Ir David”, the street Wadi Helwe will be changed into “Ma’alot David” and the “Beydoun Street” into “MA’ali Ariel” (His Excellency Ariel). The neighborhoods of Sarfandi or Fukhara will be changed into “Mashgol Tzedek”. The stair that connects the Mughrabi Gate (Dung Gate)to Wadi Helwe will be named after Poet Hishmaim and Al-‘Ayn street will become “Jobera David”, and the neighborhood of Swaneh will turn into “Ma’alot David”.