Tunisian Health Minister, Dr. Abdul-Latif Al-Makky, arrived in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday evening, heading a medical team in addition to the Tunisian Ambassador in Cairo, and were welcomed by the Palestinian Health Minister in Gaza, Dr. Mofeed Al-Mkhallalaty, and several health officials. The visiting Tunisian officials also delivered medical supplied to a number of hospitals in the coastal region.

Al-Mkhallalaty said that this visit shows unity and brotherhood between the Tunisian and the Palestinian people, and that it is also part of the Arab Spring that managed to uproot several dictators.

He added that Tunisia was amongst the first States that sent supplies to the Palestinian people in the first days of the recent Israeli war on Gaza and its people. Tunisia also sent planes to Egypt to transport some of the wounded Palestinians to Tunisian hospitals.

Al- Mkhallalaty further stated that, in the coming few days, Tunisian planes will fly Egypt to transfer more wounded Palestinians to Tunisian hospitals.