Khaled Mashal, head of the Political Bureau of the Hamas movement, arrived in Cairo on Tuesday evening following an invitation from Egyptian President, Mohammad Morsi; Mashal, and a number of senior Hamas officials who accompanied him, will remain in Cairo for a few days.Sources close to the Hamas movement stated that Mashal will be holding meetings with Morsi and senior Egyptian officials, including the head of Egypt’s Security Services, Ra’fat Shihada, in order to hold talks on various issues topped by the efforts to achieve internal Palestinian unity.

The sources added that Dr. Mousa Abu Marzouq, deputy head of the Political Bureau of Hamas, stated that Morsi will be meeting with visiting Hamas and Fateh delegations on Wednesday to discuss the developments in unity talks.

It is worth mentioning that Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, will be arriving in Cairo Wednesday to hold talks with Morsi and other Egyptian officials.

Although not confirmed yet, Abbas and Mashal will likely hold a meeting in Cairo in an attempt to boost the efforts to achieve full reconciliation and unity between Fateh and Hamas.

But even if this meeting does not take place, talks with the Egyptian leadership will focus on the efforts to achieve and maintain internal Palestinian unity, and other political developments in the region.