Palestinian sources reported that two Palestinians refugees have been killed, on Wednesday, in the Al-Yarmouk and Al-Handrat refugee camps, in Syria.Eyewitnesses told the Palestinian Information Center that a Palestinian woman, identified as Hamda Abu Rayya, was killed when a shell exploded in the camp.

Furthermore, Samir Al-Khatib, from the Handrat refugee camp near Aleppo was also killed by shell fragmentation.

Furthermore, according to Hamas sources, members of the Syrian Security Forces arrested a Hamas leader, a Palestinian refugee from the camp, and that all bakeries had to shut down as they ran out of wheat due to ongoing clashes in and around the camp, and “due to the siege on the camp that was imposed 18 days ago”

On Monday, four Palestinian refugees were killed in the Al-Yarmouk during clashes between gunmen stationed in the outskirts of the camp, and in a number of neighborhoods on the edges of the camp, local sources reported.

Also on Monday, a Palestinian youth in his twenties, identified as Samer Othman, died of serious injuries he suffered more than two week ago after he was repeatedly beaten on his head near the camp. He suffered hemorrhages and died of his wounds.

A Fourth refugee, identified as Mohammad Ajayny, died of a serious gunshot injury he suffered more than a month ago.

Palestinian sources in Syria reported that the number of Palestinian refugees killed in Syria arrived to 887, including the two who were killed Wednesday.