Following his Wednesday meeting with Khaled Mashal of Hamas, and several Hamas officials in Cairo, Palestinian President, Mahmoud Abbas, held a meeting with his Egyptian counterpart, Mohammad Morsi.The meeting between Abbas and Morsi took place at the Presidential Palace in Masr Al-Jadeeda, in the Egyptian capital.

The meeting focused on various important issues topped by the Palestinian achievement of a nonmember state status at the UN General Assembly, and the efforts to achieve comprehensive Palestinian unity, including the efforts to implement the Egyptian-mediated Palestinian National Reconciliation Agreement signed on May 4, 2001, the Bokra Net Arabic Language news website reported.

The Abbas-Morsi meeting was attended several Palestinian and Egyptian officials, including Dr. Sa’eb Erekat of the Executive Committee of the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO), Azzam Al-Ahmad in charge of the National Relations at the Central Committee of Fateh movement, Palestinian Intelligence Chief, Majid Faraj, and the Palestinian Ambassador in Cairo, Palestinian envoy to the Arab League, Barakaat Al-Farra.

On The Egyptian side, Egypt’s Foreign Minister, Mohammad Amro, Egypt’s Intelligence Chief, Ra’fat Shihata, and Egypt’s President’s Advisor for Foreign Affairs, Isam Al-Haddad, attended the meeting.

Also on Wednesday, Abbas held a meeting in Cairo with Hamas’ political bureau chief, Khaled Mashal.
The meeting was part of a series of meetings, mediated by Egypt, that will take place between senior Fateh and Hamas officials.

Leaders of the two movements stated that the Abbas-Mashal meeting aims at discussing arrangements for implementing the previously signed unity agreement, and the efforts to restructure and reform the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO).