Representatives of the Fateh and Hamas movements will be holding a meeting this coming Wednesday in Cairo, Azzam Al-Ahmad, member of the Fateh Central Committee reported.The Maan News Agency reported that the small-scale meeting will be held to discuss the means to implement the Palestinian Reconciliation Agreement.

Al-Ahmad added that a meeting of the committee that is in charge of reforming the Palestinian Liberation Organization (PLO) will be held sometime between the eighth and tenth of February.

He also said that President Mahmoud Abbas will be attending the Economic and Social Summit that will be held on January 21 in Riyadh, in Saudi Arabia.

Abbas will also participate in the Islamic Summit that will be held in Cairo at the beginning of next month.

Last Wednesday, President Mahmoud Abbas, and Hamas’ Political Bureau Chief, Khaled Mashal, held a meeting in Cairo, and agreed on the urgency of implementing the Palestinian reconciliation and unity agreement.