The United Nations Works and Relief Agency (UNRWA) strongly denounced the death of twelve Palestinian refugees, mainly children, during clashes between gunmen and members of the Syrian army.The UNRWA urged all parties to withdraw from civilians areas, including refugee camps, and to ensure the protection of the civilians at all times.

It called on all conflicting parties “to resolve their differences through political negotiations.

The UNRWA said that armed clashes in Al-Husseini area, south of Damascus, leading to the death of at least twelve Palestinian refugees, including children, while at least twenty others have been injured.

Eleven of the slain Palestinian refugees have been identified as Manar Mustafa (Child), Shaima’ Raed (Child), Manal (Teen), Nour Al-Shoury (Child), Mona Abdullah, Jamila (elderly), Mohammad Adel Abdullah, Reem Abdullah (Child), Hanin Abdullah (Child), Samar Abdullah (Child), and Hala Abdullah (Child).

Approximately 870 Palestinians have been killed since the confrontations started in Syria, while thousands have been injured, in different refugee camps, including Al-Yarmouk refugee camp.