A gag order has been lifted Sunday on the arrest of two Arab brothers from the Negev believed to have planned attacks against Israeli targets, Israeli sources reported, the Arabs48 News Website reported.The two brothers were taken prisoner three weeks ago; the Israeli Security Agency, Shabak, claims that the two planned several attacks against Israeli targets in the country, and that two Jewish young men, one of them is a soldier, provided them with combat materials stolen from the army in exchange for drugs.

An indictment filed against Mohammad Abu Qweider, 24, and his brother Sameh, 21, claims that they planned to manufacture missiles to fire them at Israeli targets, and that they planned a suicide bombing at the Central Railway Station in Be’er Sheva, and an attack against a train.

The Israeli prosecution claims that one of the brothers, who worked as a bulldozer driver while Israel was building the border fence with Egypt, planned to kill Israeli Army Chief of Staff, Benny Gantz, during his visit to the construction side.

The Shabak claims that the two “confessed” to the charges against them, and that one of them even confessed to preparing an explosive charge in his home, in order to use it against Israeli Policemen who are attacking and displacing the Arabs in the Negev.

The Shabak also said that materials used for the manufacturing of missiles and explosives were located at the house of one of the brothers, in addition to locating instructions related to manufacturing missiles and explosives charges on his computer.