Wednesday January 23; Palestinian medical sources reported that dozens of Palestinian workers have been treated for the effects of teargas inhalation after the army attacked them at the At-Taiba roadblock, near the northern West Bank city of Tulkarem.Eyewitnesses reported that the army closed the roadblock nearly at 5 at dawn, and prevented the workers from heading to their construction sites in Israel. They all carried valid work permits.

The soldiers ordered the workers to go back home, and hurled several gas grenades at them leading to dozens of injuries.

The wounded workers were moved to local hospitals in Jenin, and were all sent back home later on.

Earlier on Thursday morning, Israeli soldiers invaded the Al-Yamoun village, west of Jenin, broke into the home of resident Abul-Ghani Abu Al-Haija, and searched the property causing damage.

The soldiers were looking for Samed, the son of Abdul-Ghani; they demanded the father to “convince his son to turn himself in to the army”. They also confiscated several pictures of Samed.

Also on Thursday, the army kidnapped at least six Palestinians in different parts of the occupied West Bank, after breaking into their homes and violently searching them.