Senior officials in the Likud Party of Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, stated that Netanyahu intends to form a broad coalition cabinet that also includes the Jewish Home fundamentalist party.The sources said that Netanyahu conducts his politics in an “objective manger”, and accused the Jewish Home Party of conducting a campaign meant at defaming Netanyahu and his internal politics.

Arabic Language Israeli online daily, Arabil, reported that Netanyahu stated, at the beginning of the Monday session with the Ministerial Cabinet, that he wants a broad and strong government that “can counter all security threats against Israel”.

Netanyahu stated that all indications are pointing to the fact that Syria has chemical weapons, and that Israel considers this aspect to be very dangerous, especially when taking into consideration that the government of Syrian President, Bashar Assad, is collapsing.

As for the Iranian file, Netanyahu said that “while the world is commemorating the Holocaust, Iran continues to deny the holocaust, still wants to destroy the Jewish state, and is ongoing with its nuclear agenda”, according to Netanyahu.

Furthermore, Israeli Minister, Sylvan Shalom, said that the International Community must act and prevent the Syrian chemical weapons from “falling into the hands of the Hezbollah Party in in Lebanon, and other extremist elements”.

Israeli sources reported that Israel and the United States are currently increasing their cooperation and talks regarding the Syrian file, and the future of the Syrian weapons.