Head of the Jayyous village council, Ghassan Khreisha, stated that a number of extremist Israeli settlers installed a new illegal outpost near the Al-Yobik area, West of Jayyous, near the northern West Bank city of Qalqilia.Khreisha told the Maan News Agency that the area, where the settlers installed their outpost, was previously illegally occupied by the settlers, but in 2008, the Israeli Supreme Court ordered the settlers out after Israel altered the route of the Annexation Wall in the area.

Khreisha added that, ten days ago, Israel completed the construction of the wall in the area, but a few days ago the settlers brought mobile homes on privately-owned Palestinian lands to install their outposts.

He also said that the settlers are trying to create facts on the ground, and that they initially claimed that the mobile homes belong to the contractor who is building the wall in the area.

But the settlers also brought tools and started digging and installing pipes to provide the outpost with power and water supplies.

It is 2008 ruling, the Israeli Court decided to alter the route of the Wall, that was installed in 2008, and ordered the army to return 2820 out of 8600 Dunams to their Palestinian owners. The lands and orchards have been totally isolated by the Wall.